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Joshua Meyerson,  MFA '04

Since 1996, Joshua Meyerson has persistently pursued excellence in the fields of production and post-production of filmmaking, television, advertising, copywriting and storytelling.

In 1999, Joshua earned a Bachelor's degree in Cinema from San Francisco State University. Following his undergraduate studies in film, Joshua received a Master's in Fine Arts in Film/TV Production from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, 2004. In addition to his educational endeavors, Joshua has rigorously studied the art of filmmaking and storytelling at the highest levels in the private marketplace. 

Most notably, Joshua has worked closely with, and has been mentored by critically acclaimed and box-office rewarded Producer/Writer/Director Garry Marshall on such projects as the feature films "PRINCESS DIARIES I & II", and plays, "CRIMES OF THE HEART" and "QUIETUS". Also, the upward bound independent Producer/Writer/Director Matthew Leutwyler of Ambush Entertainment where Joshua honed in his technical filmmaking skills and knowledge on physical day-to-day productions of "THIS SPACE BETWEEN US" where Leutwyler continuously shared great insight of the entire filmmaking process to Meyerson. Then on, "DEAD & BREAKFAST", in addition to the pre-production/production and post-production stages Joshua was given the opportunity to stretch out his abilities in participating as the 2nd Unit Director and Director of Photography, while assisting with uncredited 2nd Unit aspects of "UNEARTHED".

Joshua began his professional educational training as an intern for the incredibly box-office successful Producer/Writer/Director Charles Shyer and Nancy Meyers of the once Disney Studios based The Meyers/Shyer Company, Producers of "THE FATHER OF THE BRIDE I & II" remakes, "BABY BOOM", "PRIVATE BENJAMIN", and "IRRECONCILABLE DIFFERENCES" where Joshua learned the fundamentals of filmic storytelling, studio-based office functions, and the exposure to the classic era of Hollywood and the writing team's inspiring greats of romantic comedies and Hollywood Legendary filmmakers: Lubitsch, Capra, Wilder, Sturges among some. 

Lastly, Joshua has concluded a two year plus stint within the exhilarating Grand Prix racing-season with KRUGSPEED Racing. He took on the role of Sr. Producer / Creative Director and Media Manager. While he has made an all-out exclusive Full PROMO Film for their media / PR / Ad department, Joshua, has been developing a docu. / TV pilot within the SCCA, IMSA, TRANS AM, and other Pro/AM racing world teams. 

Joshua has been working closely with Ryan Brandt, RJLB Pictures in California. They have just completed a silent Western short film, RED RIVER VALLEY. Now in development of a variety of projects that cover various genres. This off-shoot company and website is in response to them proudly teaming up together. The company is named after their childhood favorite film BACK TO THE FUTURE's fictitious town HILL VALLEY.

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HILL VALLEY LTD. is an innovative boutique entertainment company offering an integrated development one-on-one basis, and a full-service production/post-production team. Designing from scratch conceptual branding awareness to delivery of distribution: Motion Pictures, Ad/PR/Marketing with one primary goal in mind -- deliver a polished well-crafted end-product with swift and flawless precision. 

Implementing a well-seasoned and articulating Creative Producer / Director, Filmmaker whose upper-management/supervisory communications showcase dynamic team-leadership. Coupling abilities of creative product development and budgetary measures from pre-/production/post. 

Specializing in using multi-media to advertise and enhance brand awareness: APPLE, NESN Productions/Aquent, Boston Red Sox, Bruins, ACC Basketball, ACC Football, ACC Hockey, Ad Sales Promotional Videos (retention sponsor promo films), i.e. Budweiser, Toyota, Old Dominion, Foxwoods Casino, Audi, WB Mason, Head, Under Armour, Burton, Philips, Rossignol, Lange, and Fashion Films Kim Hicks Couture/Swimwear designers Inna KuAssociation Tennis Professionals (ATP), American Heart Association (AHA), Heineken, Skechers, Brandt Beef, HobbyKing RC, Veracyte, Highmark Insurance, Krügspeed Racing, S.A.C. Racing, Digital Ocean, HoneyRCapital, RJLB Pictures, and CELLOPHANE FLOWERS; acted as lead consultant by facilitating all capacities of Production/Post-Production for Westchester County Board of Legislators (WCBOL).



Founded: 2005

Owner: Joshua Meyerson


In conjunction with:  26th YANKEE COMPANY